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Cotton Candy Carts

Find us on Alki Beach summer of 2020!

Our business is growing! See our Indegogo campaign to see how you ca be part of the fun! 

Edible glitter  edible stars 

 cotton candy tacos


cotton candy burritos 

& more! 


1200 Alki Blvd. 

West Seattle U.S.A. 

Across from Starbucks! 

Look for " Frida " the Seattle Candy Company Flamingo on the water! 

3200 Alaskan Way & California 

Across from Easy Street Records 

Saturday & Sunday

Tuesday Wednesday 

11 a.m ~ 8 p.m. 

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Who We Are
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 2 years ago, I decided what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. It was not a business plan, it was a " I'm going to have fun and make people smile " plan.  I was happily surprised that both my kids wanted in on the business immediately became as excited as I was. Spring of 2020, ours and the rest of the worlds dreams seemed crushed. But it's just not in our blood to be quitters! Luckily we are in a unique position. While sadly brick and mortar restaurants are struggling,  food trucks are considered safe and Seattle is opening it's streets ad parks up. See our Indegogo campaign to see what our plans for the future are and how were helping employee kids! 


Yes! We do parties  &  weddings !

Need a ballpark quote for your event? 

Yes! We are able to safely cater your party or wedding! We have a safe tent that keeps us at a distance! Please call us to discuss this and see photos of our set up. 

someone will get back to you within 24 hr.s!

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